Kids all over NYC are looking forward to their next online coding class!

Not only is coding one of the most vital career skills of the 21st century but kids who study coding have improved abstract reasoning, logic, visualization, and are better at applying math skills to real life scenarios.

If your kids are stuck at home with their computers get them started coding and improve their facility and relationship with technology for the rest of their lives.

Since we’ve been stuck at home, this class has become the highlight of my sons’ week. They’re always working on their projects and home and are so excited to keep learning more. It’s great to see them so excited about something so productive.

        – Ingrid Wong

Private Lessons

1 on 1 Learning

Get your kids the most out of their online learning with 1-on-1 instruction. This is generally the best option if you`re on a tight schedule or if you`re not sure you can commit to regular class times. Book a free trial class and see if it`s for you!


Personalized learning tracks for kids aged 7-15


Schedule class times that work for you and your kids


Sliding scale pricing (pay what you can and/or pay it forward)*


Prices range from $65-90 for a one hour lesson

Small Group Lessons

for 2-4 students

If you`ve got a small group of siblings or close friends that want to learn coding together this is the option for you. We`ll work with you to figure out a regular class time that works for your whole group. Even in a small group learning tracks can be personalized to allow every kid in the group to work at their own pace. Contact us to schedule a free intro class for your group!


Personalized learning tracks for kids ages 9-15 (The age difference for kids in a single group cannot exceed 2 years)


Schedule class times that work for your group


Sliding scale pricing (pay what you can and/or pay it forward)*


Prices range from $75-100 for a one hour lesson

Have a group larger than 4 kids? Send an email to ny@algorithmicschool.com and let’s work something out!

* Last year we partnered with schools and nonprofits to run free coding classes for over 100 students in Brooklyn and Manhattan and provided more than 20 laptops. We strive to keep our classes affordable so $$ isn`t a barrier to kids having access to high quality enrichment programs. If you can contribute more than our minimum price we promise to pay it forward and offer even more free programming this year!

Your 3 Steps to Getting Started:

Step 1 

Visit our Programs page and pick the curriculum you think is right for your kid(s). If you`re not sure which program is appropriate let us know in your form and we`ll work with you to pick the best option.

Step 2 

Submit our form requesting a free trial class. We will be in touch asap to schedule a lesson with you.

Step 3 

After your trial class we`ll have a conversation to decide the best way to move forward and set up future classes.

What’s are the Trial Classes Like?

Before the class well send you log-in information and instructions on how to access our proprietary platform and join our online classroom.

Our online classroom is built into our platform so theres no need for you to download any additional software.

The first 10 minutes of the class will be dedicated to introducing you and your student(s) to our online classroom, walking you through any technical difficulties that may arise and teaching you how to navigate our platform.

Once that`s complete, our teacher will lead a short discussion with your student(s) to introduce the fundamental concepts of coding and gauge your student(s)` existing understanding of the material.

Then we`ll run your student(s) through a series of simple coding challenges. This serves to solidify the discussion topics as well as gives the teacher an idea of the student(s)` skill level and aptitude for the material.

At the end of the session there will be time for you and your student(s) to ask any questions you have about the program, material, or Algorithmics itself.

As the organizing parent, we ask that you try to make yourself available to attend the intro session as well. It`s helpful to have you there to address any unexpected computer issues that sometimes arise when first using the platform AND to be able to ask questions/give feedback at the end of the lesson.

NOTE: if your student is younger than 9 years old we ask that you make yourself available for the first 3 lessons (including the intro) in case your student runs into any computer literacy problems while getting used to using our platform