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creativity for the developing mind

Can you make computer games?

Or just play them?

How we interact with technology is already defining metric for success. Our students learn, practice, and have fun playing around with one of the most critical skills of the 21st century.

Covid 19 Updates

All our in-person classes will transition to online classes. Update: 100% of our students have successfully transitioned to online learning

LIVE ONLINE CODING CLUBS are our stay-at-home version of our after-school coding clubs. Students create and share their own cartoons, computer games, and simple apps.*

LIVE ONLINE CLASSES are now available to new students of all levels. We offer flexible scheduling so you can make the class time work for you and your kids.

To help combat the economic uncertainty many of us are faced with, we’ve introduced sliding scale pricing for all new online classes.

*Only available through our education partners. If you want to start a coding club at your school, organization, homeschool group, etc . . . we would love to help.

Our teaching philosophy?

Our main teaching goal is to develop critical thinking and imagination. Learning how to write code is just a side benefit.


Personal Approach

Every student learns differently. Even in our group classes, each student’s learning journey is tailored to their ability and learning style. Teachers track individual student progress and projects and make personal adjustments.

Motivated Learning

Learning works best if students want to learn. That’s why our curriculum is designed around student-selected goals. Students are self-motivated; they want to come to class and work on their projects at home.

Crafted Methodology

What do you get when you combine learning specialists, child-psychologists, educators, and students? A curriculum that is effective and engaging. We’re constantly making adjustments based on parent, teacher, and student feedback to make sure we’re always delivering the best lessons we can.

Attentive Teachers

We choose our teachers based on their ability to get kids engaged in their own learning. they’re creative and curious themselves and love to share in their students’ learning. All our teachers are professional educators, certified to teach our computer-science methodology.

Happy Kids and Happy Parents


Thank you so much for making the classes available online! Both girls love having that time and often code in the off-time (They’re actually coding right now) 🙂
Ksenia Selemon

Coding classes are a highlight in Benji’s week and he really looks forward to them. He enjoys the social aspect too. He is super engaged with Scratch and he is learning quite a lot.

Ricardo Toledo-Crow

First, thank you for your patience and hard work during these challenging times. Maxwell has loved your classes and continues to look forward to coding with you!
Dena Wolk

How a Class works


Assets Needed


Video of a class


Student Project Slideshow


How Classes are run copy (waiting for video assets to write)

Live Online Classes


Private Lessons

Make sure your kid get’s the best experience possible. A schedule that works for you, a 100% personalized learning track, and the teacher’s full attention.



Sliding Scale Pricing Available

Small Group

Small Group Classes

Bring a small group together so your kid can benefit from new learning and community support. Students can share projects, feedback, and inspiration.


Sliding Scale Pricing Available


Online Coding Clubs

Does your learning community need a coding class? Schools and organizations around NYC have partnered with us to offer high quality coding classes to their students.


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