Do you want to start a coding club in your learning community?

Kids who study coding, in general, perform better at other subjects in school as well. Learning to code has been correlated to improved abstract reasoning, logic, visualization, and better application of math skills in real life scenarios.

Kids and young adults with coding skills are also more likely to be granted scholarships and job opportunities in later life. The question is no longer why start a coding club but how.

Our answer is let us do it for you. We can provide all necessary materials (including teachers, curriculum, laptops, and tablets) as well as ongoing learning and administrative support. If you`re a school, homeschool, or community organization, please reach out; we`d love to help your students get started.

“Bringing a coding club into our program has been a goal for years. However, providing the materials and staff has always been a challenge. Algorthimics NY made this easy and simple. They came to us with a curriculum, materials, an instructor to work with our kids, and they ran multiple free intro lessons to gauge student interest! We are a city funded agency so we have to complete a lengthy subcontract for outside programs. Working with Robin on this was very smooth and quick. It has been an amazing experience and we look forward to collaborating more in the future!”


Organizations we work with

How Our Classes Work

Online Classes

100% of our coding club students transferred seamlessly to online learning during the Covid 19 lockdown. Whatever your needs or learning goals, we`re happy to work with you to create the coding club you want.

– Personalized learning tracks for kids aged 9-15 – Flexible class
   scheduling that fits with your schedule
– 90 minute lessons
– Flexible Contracts*
– Scholarship options**

Offline Classes

(New Classes Starting September, 2020)

If you`re worried about whether or not schools will meet in person next Fall we understand. We`re happy to create an offline class with you and move it online should the need arise.

– Personalized learning tracks for kids aged 6-15
– Flexible class scheduling that fits with your schedule
– 60 minute lessons for the Coding Knight Curriculum – 90 minute
  lessons for all other programs
– Flexible Contracts*
– Scholarship options**

*Flexible Contracts:

Each learning community and school is different. Tell us what you need and we`ll work with you to create a coding club that works for you, we`ll be as flexible as we can be to make sure you and your students get your needs met.

**Scholarship Options:

We don`t think $$ should be a barrier to students receiving quality education. Last year we ran free coding classes for over 100 students around NYC and we`re eager to help more. If you`re facing budget constraints or if you want to provide programming for low-income students please write to us. We can`t always help but if we can, we will.

Your 4 Steps to Getting Started:

Step 1 

Visit our Programs page and pick the curriculum(s) you think are right for your students. If you`re not sure which program is appropriate let us know in your form and we`ll work with you to pick the best option.

Step 2 

Submit our form requesting a free intro class. We`ll be in touch asap to schedule a lesson with you.

Step 3 

Before your intro class we`ll set up a meeting or a call to show you around our platform and get an idea of what you need out of a coding club.

Step 4

After your intro class we`ll have a conversation to decide the best way to move forward and set up future classes.

What’s are the Intro Classes

Before the class

We`ll confirm the number of students and create profiles for them on our platform.

If we are running the intro online

we`ll send all students log-in information and instructions on how to access our proprietary platform and join our online classroom.
Our online classroom is built into our platform so there`s no need for students to download any additional software.

If we are running the class offline

we`ll arrive 20-30 minutes beforehand to confirm students and set up computers.
We can bring and provide computers if necessary


After introductions our teacher will lead a short discussion with the students to introduce the fundamental concepts of coding and gauge students` existing understanding of the material.


Then we run students through a series of simple coding challenges. This serves to solidify the discussion topics as well as gives the teacher an idea of the students` skill level and aptitude for the material.

End of the class

We ask that you try to make yourself available to attend the intro session as well. It`s helpful to have you there to be able to ask questions/give feedback at the end of the lesson..


At the end of the session there will be time for you and your students to ask any questions you have about the program, material, or Algorithmics itself.